Deja Vu!!

Since yesterday, I was facing a peculiar situation where my outlook express was seen as receiving mails but none of them showed up in the inbox!!

i checked the deleted items folder just in case my block message sender was in operation but could see none.  I then chanced upon a Norton anti spam folder (I never knew it existed) and a look revealed no new entries. I checked all my mail rules but none of them had been applied on the incoming mails.  I did a test mail or two but with the same result.

Flummoxed, I turned to the net for help and found a few entries that matched my situation (good to know that there are others who have been through this before).  I even downloaded an OE Recovery tool trial version but that was not giving the solution i wanted.

I then renamed the inbox.dbx in the store folder and restarted OE.   This time the inbox was working but was empty. I sent a test mail and it was received but that still does not solve my problem because i wanted my earlier mails too.

I restored my inbox and ran OE again and this is what i saw in my inbox

And suddenly I saw that all the emails were sorted on the “Account” and not on the “Received” as is the default option for my inbox.  (I did not know when and why i did this, perhaps to find a particular email!!) and this particular account at the top was a largely inoperative one and hence did not show any new emails.

I changed the setting to Received and voila, all the emails that were “received” since yesterday and remained “invisible” suddenly came into view.

I am sorry if you found all these details either technical or trivial but the key takeaways for me were:

a.  Simple Solutions are always staring at my face while I tend to look for the tedious and obscure ones all over the place

b.  The feeling of exhilaration (and shame to some extent too!) that I experienced when I discovered the problem and worked out the solution was immense.

What do you say?


Badri (31st March 2011)



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