And there is a better way!!

With TRAI coming down on unsolicited calls and sms with a iron hand, we can hope to breathe slightly easier now!!

But to those of us in business who still have some landlines that are known to the world at large, there is still the risk of calls on that route.

Listen to this typical conversation:

Caller: Is this NRich software? (sometimes mispronounced as nrich as in kreech)

NRich: Yes.

C: Can I speak to your HR Head (or  Systems Manager)?

N: In what connection?

C: We are calling from MMM Enterprises and we are recruitment agencies (sell cartridges, refill your cartridges etc)

N: Currently there is no need.

C: Thank you

—————–End of call—————————–

There would be slight variations but this is the general story. Sounds familiar.


Now, I wish the conversation went like this


Caller: Is this NRich Software in T Nagar?

NRich: Yes

C: Good morning / afternoon.  How is the sales of your Personal Finance Software products Enrich and FIT? (No top secret here.  Just visit our website and you will know what we are doing)

N: Very well thank you.  Who is calling?  (Do observe the change in attitude.  This is natural because the resistance is off)

C: So you would be recruiting more sales people and developers to support this growth?

N: Not at this moment but in the future yes.

C: Then this is the time you should look at the resumes of some of our exceptional candidates so that when you need them they will be ready to join.

N: I do not know.  Let me put you onto our boss?

C: Will that be Mr Badrinarayanan? (just a little googling will reveal)

N: Yes

————————-The conversation continues——————————–

This might appear to be slightly exaggerated but in reality it is not.  It only shows what a little research and preparation can help.

Moral of the story: Do some research, show concern for the prospect’s business or real issue, be polite yet persistent and sooner or later, the door will open

What do you think?



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