Don’t spoil the fun!!

India has once again become the World Champion in One Day Cricket!

If one were to listen to all the expert opinions spewed on the various channels and on the offline media, it would appear as if India becoming the world champions was a foregone conclusion.  All these were made on the basis of the past data, which, is really irrelevant as far as the future is concerned.

There has never been and never will be another match like the India West Indies Finals in 1983 and by looking back at that and even as early as 1979, we would only be straining our necks but achieve nothing.

Granted that the ex-captains have to have their voices heard and the channels need to fill their airtime, but this over emphasis on analysis is really stifling the game.

And while the game is in progress, especially when the team batting second is in view, you get comparative scores of how the team which batted first fared during the same number of overs.  Now what does this suggest?  Absolutely nothing because the game, like life, is not linear.

If someone has scored 80  runs at the end of the first ten overs, it does not automatically imply that they will finish at 400.  We do not need to look elsewhere for the evidence of the glorious uncertanities of Cricket!  Remember that Indians were 268 for 1 against South Africa in this very tournament but ended up at 297 all out with 8 deliveries to spare!!

Even the Srilankans, who were trotting up at 4.5 runs an over until the 45th over in the final, ended up adding 63 runs in just 5 overs taking their run rate to an amazing 5.5.

The best way to enjoy the game is to watch it as it is without adding any colours to it on the basis of past or by burdening it with any analysis!

And that’s the way to Live, as well!!


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