And we thought business is important!!

Ask any businessman his/her top priority  and the answer invariably will be “Increase business”.  But just observe their actions and we can conclude that business is the last thing in their minds.

Unable to believe?  Consider the following situations.

a.  There was an ad campaign some time back with a very attractive special offer, except that the owner did not think it will work.  The ad lists just one phone number that is always busy. Perhaps the person thinks that only the persistent deserve the special offer!!

b.  A telecom company that I patronized, announced an offer to replace the existing faulty instrument with a more stylish looking one.  But when I visited their showroom, their staff did not know about the offer leave alone have any details!!  And this ad was center-spread in some of the dailies.

c.  When I recently approached the local branch of a very reputed private bank for making a fixed deposit in my mother’s name, the sales person was very reluctant to even give me a form.  and when i took the form duly filled with all necessary documents, he said that he must meet the depositor in person and offered to call the next day to fix a suitable time.  Possibly he knows the truth that “Tomorrow never comes” because it has been more than a month since our interaction and i am yet to hear from him.  It was my mistake to approach banks that advertise despite being already flush with funds!!

d.  This one beats everything else! A cousin of mine was asking about some flats in a suburb of Chennai and I recalled that one good friend of mine had recently started a project there.  Glad that I could be of service to both, I called up my friend who gave the contact number of his employee on that project which i duly passed on to my cousin.  That person did not have any details about the project and worse still, he did not call my cousin in a day or two as promised.

While we can even understand that as the case of an unempowered employee, I could not fathom that my friend, the promoter, did not contact me once asking about my cousin’s reaction and even when i sent an sms about the goof-up of his employee, he did not respond!!  Perhaps, the project is already sold out!!  Whoever is talking about a recession, is perhaps in the sixteenth century blissfully unaware of the pace at which projects are lapped up by customers, just on announcement!!

And we thought “Business” is important!!!


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