Entrepreneurship in my opinion

There are perhaps many books, debates and articles about entrepreneurship and let me add my bit to it.

An entrepreneur is one who is a creator, one who creates a product or service to serve a demand that currently does not exist and that the product / service would create.

He does not look at trends and anyway there is no history for something that is new. He twists and extrapolates the existing data so that it gives fuel to his intuition and gut. He is driven by an idea and is committed to taking it to its logical end.

I would not call someone an entrepreneur who invests in a piece of land or starts a business based on a tip that an airport will come over there in a few years time. He is a speculator or at best a savvy businessman who anticipates the need for certain products or services when people move in to a new place.

No wonder that the mortality amongst entrepreneur-created businesses is very high. They are either ahead of their times or very inefficient to deal with changing market realities.


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