What do we want for our children?


I had two interesting conversations yesterday with very good friends of mine and surprisingly the bulk of the chat (in both the cases) was about our children and their future. Incidentally and interestingly, all the 3 boys under discussion (mine included) are of the same age and getting into Xth standard.

One friend remarked that his son is showing a lot of interest in history for quite some time now and was wondering if there would be an opportunity for him to pursue it as an academic stream.

The other said that his son has not decided what he wants to do but he (the father) is clear that whatever the son chooses, he will support him fully and be a facilitator rather than impose his dreams and desires on the junior.

My elder son Anirudh is currently showing an inclination towards engineering and on his request I have enrolled him in a coaching class for IIT.  I too, like my other friends believe that each child should do what interests them rather than get stereotyped into select courses and professions.

I have often observed many parents put undue pressure on their children obviously with good intentions but fail to realize that they are trying to live their dreams through their sons or daughters.  That creates undue stress on the younger ones.

Well, what do you think?


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