Shooting off his mouth!!

I wonder why Rahul Gandhi (RG) chose the age of Achutanandan, CM of Kerala as the focus of his election campaign in that state!!  The CM has returned the compliment by calling Rahul as “amul baby” which has been found in bad taste by none other than Pranab Mukherjee.  But then what about Rahul’s comment on the age of the CM, Mr FM?

RG seems to have the problem of selective amnesia given that he had just campaigned for the DMK Congress alliance in Tamilnadu where the incumbent CM Karunanidhi is no younger than his Kerala counterpart!!

And the person who rules the country, our PM is not very younger at 78 and neither is the Finance Minister who has already turned 75.

And this gaffe comes soon after his mother campaigning for the opposition during her election speech!!

High time for the party elite to think, contemplate and ponder before they open their mouth!!


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  1. April 16, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    […] Shooting off his mouth!! ( […]

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