An hour a day!!!

Swami Sivananda who started the Divine Life Society had written about 200+ books on Spirituality, Health and allied topics between 1929 and 1963.  He was not known as someone who would sit and write for extended stretches of time and hence it was a mystery how and when he wrote these number of books.

When someone asked Swami Sivananda about it, he explained the phenomenon in a crisp and beautiful way.  He said “You must devote an hour every day for an activity & if that is not possible, dedicate atleast one hour once in two days.  You will be amazed at the progress you have made in that activity within 6 months.  If you have a plan and allotted time for that, then the execution of that plan will be very easy and simple”

I would like to take Swami’s recipe a step further and say preferably have that hour at almost the same time every day.  For example, if I am learning Spanish and allot 1 hour, it will be better if I spend 7 to 8 in the morning every day in learning Spanish.

In fact, I have taken it on myself to write one blog post every day and have been able to do it for the past week or so.  It takes about 30 minutes or so every day to complete that post.  My blog will have 180 posts at the end of 6 months and that is an incredible collection of expressions.

Why don’t you give this recipe a try?


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