The wait begins

The electorate in Assam, Kerala and Tamilnadu have shown their willingness to actively participate in the democratic process.

Tamilnadu’s polls have especially been a focal point what with the spate of freebies from both the principal parties, unusually high level of vigilance by the Election commission and the use of innovative measures to buy votes through bribery.  We should appreciate and congratulate the EC for ensuring a silent and orderly poll in stark contrast to the ruckus that is normally associated with polling.  We also hope that the future elections will be held on these lines.

I had shifted my residence since the previous state assembly elections and while my name was removed from the electoral rolls of that constituency, surprisingly my wife’s name continued to remain there.  And in the run to this polls, I had submitted requests with documentary evidence for all the three eligible members of our family for inclusion.  We  finally received the booth slips with our photographs but there was a comical twist to it. I received two booth slips with the same name but with 2 different photographs (fortunately one was mine!!!) whereas my wife’s name was not included.  She was advised to take a proof of address to the polling booth and get the opportunity to vote.

We walked to the polling booth and after a minor confusion (there were 3 divisions, two on one side of the road and one on the other side), we identified our booth and waited in the queue which was mercifully short. The EC will do well to put an identifier at the entrance of the each booth mentioning the Polling Station number and avoid the need for asking around.

And when our turn came, while it took some time for the officials to identify the name in the list, it was very smooth and my wife’s request on the basis of her passport was also acceded to.  We spent perhaps 30 minutes waiting for our turn and cast our votes.

Now that we have done our bit, it is going to be a long and agonizing wait for the politicians and the parties because the results will be announced only after West Bengal goes to the polls in mid-May.

It will however be a field period for the media, both the print and the TV, to keep up the momentum in the form of speculations, exit polls and what have you!




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