Its high time …..

I read about the family in Orissa where a woman and her 6 children consumed poison and the father is battling for his life in the hospital. When asked why they resorted to this extreme step, he had said that poverty had forced them.

Since we do not know the actual reason, let us accept his version as true.  The question that each one of us need to contemplate on is “When forced to wallow in poverty, wasn’t it irresponsible on the part of the parents to bring 6 lives into this planet?”

Not only did they not take care of their children as they should have but they have also trespassed their authority by killing the innocent children.  Just imagine the physical and the mental agony that the mother had to go through during each pregnancy!  Was it all to end this way?

Common sense tells us that when the existing scarce resources are to be shared amongst more people, it leads to starvation and in many cases even to death.

When individuals like these think that their own children are so easily dispensable, it becomes apparent why the politicians and the authorities treat these as mere numbers to be reported, recorded, filed and forgotten.

Ironically, while the affordable section of the population is going with one or maximum 2 children, those in the BPL (to use the politically correct term) do not appear to give any thought to the implications of increasing their family size beyond a threshold.

Isn’t it time that the Government and the NGOs spread the awareness about contraceptives and family planning amongst the economically weaker section of the society and also initiate measures that would discourage this mindless addition to the already bursting flood of human beings?

By measures I am not talking about compulsory sterilisation of men or women but of reduced subsidy in such cases!!


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