We have a long way to go!

In mid November 2010, I had been to the marina beach (in Chennai) to distribute the pamphlets about the Seminar being held the next day on account of the World Diabetes Day.  Rather than give it to anybody and everybody, I decided that i will give it only to Diabetics.  Unfortunately, a diabetic is not easily recognizable by sight like obese people and hence I had to necessarily ask them if they were a diabetic.  I had a few very interesting experiences while doing so which I am sharing below.

I stopped everytime when a person was about to pass by and wished him /her good morning before asking the question “Are you a diabetic?”.  I was carrying a bunch of the pamphlets in my hands,

a.  There were many people who started walking much faster when they heard me say good morning without even acknowledging my greetings.  They were perhaps worried about being sold something,  perhaps from a previous experience.

b.  There were some people who stopped for a second when I greeted them but when I asked them the question as above, they just walked away without responding.

c.  There were others who stopped, listened to the question and said “No” as they walked on.  They did not want to know but appeared very relieved when they said No.  When I asked them if their friends or relatives were diabetes, they said a flat no, as if they knew that this question was coming and were prepared to answer.

d.  I finally met a few who stopped and replied to my question in the affirmative.  They were the ones who took the pamphlet. Some said thank you while others just moved on.  Some of these people weren’t sure whether to say yes as was evident from their reluctant yeeeees.

This is perhaps a typical scenario for any survey in a public place so why am I blogging about this?

Most of us are operating out of the past either from our own experience or from those of others.  So, if someone is approaching us with a pamphlet in hand, we conclude that he is out to sell us something and hence we react out of that premise.  In the process, we shut out ourselves from the various things life has to offer us.

Let us keep an open mind about life & take each event as it comes.


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