Treasure 1/16

In the curtain raiser post, I had mentioned 16 Treasures that newly weds were blessed with.  Today, we will look at Treasure no 1, Kalvi (meaning Education)

It is indeed fascinating that Education has been chosen to be the first treasure and this indicates the value our forefathers had placed on education, not only for the male but also for the female.  And their version of education was not limited to “literacy” as we have come to treat it as now a days. It went much beyond and was the fabric with which society was woven.

Saint Thiruvalluvar said the following about Kalvi.  ” one should learn without mistakes but more importantly lead a life as per his learnings” and so it was considered important that educated people set a worthy example for others to emulate.

Education was also not seen as a means to earn one’s livelihood as is erroneously believed in today’s world but as a major factor in leading a family life.

And what was this “Kalvi” meant to include?  The ability to read and write (literacy), the capability to differentiate between the right and the wrong (moral education), knowledge on raising great children, treating elders with respect, receiving guests with courtesy and love and most importantly knowing to respect each other (ie the husband and the wife).

While the first attribute has to formally taught, the rest came by observing  the elders leading an inspiring life and by constant exposure to the “best practices”.  The mothers, even when barely literate, fed their children with stories and tales of the great warriors and saints, all of which helped the children form the core conduct and values.

Besides this, basic hygiene and sanitation was imbibed by the people by watching the elders in action, day in and day out.  And this certainly included sexual education that ensured intimacy without excess.

What a way to begin one’s life with a partner!!



  1. Ram said,

    April 21, 2011 at 5:15 am

    Fantastic insights presented by you in a simple manner. Waiting for the rest eagerly

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  3. April 23, 2011 at 12:37 am

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