Treasure 2/16

I want to start this post with a disclaimer for the entire series of the 16 Treasures.  I have not done any research in any literary works or historical evidences for these blog posts.  In fact, I have not even ascertained whether the list of 16 treasures as sent by my friend is even accurate.  I have interpreted these treasures from my very limited understanding of human nature and all the views are mine.  These are not facts but only interpretations and hence request the readers not to treat these as an outcome of extensive research.

In the earlier post, we looked at the first treasure being Kalvi or Education. Education is a process of learning and we saw how this learning went beyond the ability to read and write.  But if this learning stopped with just being an input, it would not be really helpful and hence our ancestors felt that Arivu or Intelligence is the second treasure for the newly weds.

In fact, to keep “Arivu” within the confines of intelligence is itself an injustice because it is more than that.  Arivu is also that which should be abundant but is in short supply: Common Sense.

Arivu is the manifestation or application of learning or education or kalvi in every day situations.  Tiruvalluvar has in one of the kurals said “Intelligence is the ability to perceive the truth in anything said by anybody”.

Now let us see the relevance of this intelligence in the lives of newly weds.

It should be remembered that in those times, it was common for the husband and wife to be total strangers before marriage (it is another matter that most men and wives live like strangers even after decades!!!) and would be staying together with the members of the husband’s family.

The wife would be often left wondering what to do and what not to do and it will take a while for to understand the regulations in the new home and the whims or fancies of the new family members.  Arivu encompasses observation and listening and the wife has to quickly adapt herself to the new environs.  She needs to understand who is her ally and who is out to make her life difficult and accordingly conduct herself.  She is also faced with the onerous task of bringing them to her side.  Mere education will not get her these skills and hence she needs to have a lot of intelligence.

Let us remember that the husband is also new to his role.  If he spent a lot of his time earlier with his friends, he needs to realize that his wife is waiting for him at home and that she needs his company more than anyone else.  He must also understand that she is going through a tough time in her life and that he must support her for overall harmony at home.  At the same time, he cannot be seen as having totally defected to his wife’s camp and must spend quality time with his parents too.  He is also likely to hear different versions of trivial issues from his mother and his wife and must find the balance and the truth.  He must also be diplomatic and keep people around him happy.  For all this, he needs to use his intelligence.

But are education and intelligence enough?  Hardly, as the list has 16 Treasures. Let us explore them together.



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