Treasure 3/16

In the previous posts we saw the relevance of education (kalvi) and intelligence (arivu) for a couple beginning their wedded life.  But for a person to use the education and the intelligence, he (and she) must have a long life.  Hence AayuL (longevity) was taken as the third blessing.

Even today, when someone goes to an astrologer, the first question is about the longevity of the person.  Every person who comes into this planet has a particular task and purpose to do (that we focus on earning our livelihood instead of living is another sad matter altogether) and needs some time to complete that.  A long tenure is always considered to be auspicious in any tradition and more so in the Indian culture.

There are many functions that have a time tag attached and that starts as early as 7/8 months of the first pregnancy, the naming ceremony on the 11th after birth, the completion of 1 year of birth (as per the star), 60th year of the husband and the 80th year of the husband.  It is the desire of every person born to live a long life and pass the various milestones as mentioned above.  That there are elders in the family who have seen 1000 full moons (over a 80 year lifeline) is a great blessing.

It should also be remembered that in earlier times, it was not uncommon for a woman to die during the child birth and people to die en masse during epidemics and famine.  It was therefore considered necessary that Aayul be included in the list of Treasures and quite early at that.

It was quite sad that widows in those times were denied their rightful place in the society and social functions and instead were condemned to an entire life of misery for no fault of theirs.  Womenfolk hence performed prayers that they die before their husbands “dheerga sumangali” and that too at an advanced age.

As an aside, I recall a zen story wherein a King requested a master to bless him and his family.  The Master said “Grand father dies, father dies and son dies”.  Aghast at these words, the King demanded an explanation.  The Master said ” How will you feel o King if your son or your grandson dies before you do? If life happens according to the natural law, that itself is a blessing”



  1. April 24, 2011 at 3:06 am

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  2. April 25, 2011 at 4:37 am

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