Treasure 5/16

We have so far seen Education, Intelligence, Longevity and physical prowess as the treasures the newly weds were blessed with.

It is indeed fascinating to see a thread across each of these treasures which i believe are very inter-related and logically integrated.  I am really privileged to present the 5th Treasure which is required for the couple to enjoy their new innings and that is “ILamai” or Youth.

What is the relevance of Youth as a Treasure?  Or why is youth an important treasure in the lives of human beings or in that context any living being?

It is said that even a stone will get digested when eaten by a young person because all the organs and systems are at their prime, the metabolism is excellent and energy levels would be peaking for a young person.  Contrary to the current thinking which equates youth to frivolous activities, disempowering habits, flirtation with the opposite sex, irresponsible behaviour etc, our ancestors perceived the period of youth as one endowed with vibrancy that is ideal for learning as well.

(I can, after almost 3 decades, still recall the songs i learnt from my grandmother when I was leaving school whereas the ones i learnt formally from Gurus much later are not etched in memory.  Most of us who grew on Ilayaraja’s music in the late 70’s and 80’s, remember even the smallest nuances in the background music because we absorbed them in our youth)

And there is yet another significance of this blessing.  Newly weds, being exposed to physical intimacy for the first time, tend to indulge in sexual intercourse quite frequently.  Since it involves the production and ejection of life energy for the male, it would be quite tiring after the act and the prime of youth helps both to attend to their other activities as well without being physically tired.

Today, we see that pregnant women beyond a certain age are required to take tests to ensure that the offspring is free from any defects.  For women to go through the ardous pregnancy and child birth, they need physical stamina and this is easier for them at an young age.

And Ilamai or youth as blessed is not only confined to the physical aspect but when one keeps his mind young by learning and reading, that adds to the quality of life and overall happiness.


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  1. April 26, 2011 at 1:38 am

    […] the  Education, Intelligence, Longevity and physical prowess and  youth (iLamai) in the world  will not help a couple if they do not have sufficient courage to face and overcome […]

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