The 6th Treasure Already

Newly weds are perhaps poised to meet the maximum number of challenges than anybody else.  This is so because anything new brings a challenge along and everything is new for them.

Let us look at the bride.  She wakes up in a new room as against the familiar backdrop at her parent’s home.  There is a stranger sharing her bed and she misses her siblings.  And if she had a room for herself at her old home, now she shares this one with someone.  If she was served coffee by her mother earlier, now she has to prepare it and give it to others.  And during the day, she meets new people and encounters new situations.  Her mother-in-law is a new person and so are the others in the household.  The food is new and the practices are new as well.  And she is alone there almost all the time and faces a lot of expectations.  A slip at her end and her parents names will be dragged into ridicule.  I shall not go into any further details as i think this introduction will suffice.

It is  not that the wife is alone in this.  Her husband too has a set of challenges.  No longer can he come and go as he pleases and spend a time like the past.  He is also responsible to his new wife’s welfare and is expected to defend her against other people.  If he was acting in a carefree manner earlier, he is constantly reminded that he cannot do so any longer.  He has also acquired a set of new relatives thanks to his marriage and has to keep them in good temper if he wants to bring a smile to his wife’s face.  He also gets used to a new routine and new food.

I can see you wondering why I am writing all this obvious stuff instead of introducing the treasure like in the previous posts.

Winston Churchill, the famous statesman had once said ” Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” and since a new couple is likely to fail repeatedly in the face of these above challenges, they need this trait if they are to build a great family.  Hence our forefathers included “Thunivu” or “Courage” in the list of 16 Treasures.

Most people are under the impression that “courage” is the absence of fear but it is the ability to go through life inspite of feeling afraid.

All the  Education, Intelligence, Longevity and physical prowess and  youth (iLamai) in the world  will not help a couple if they do not have sufficient courage to face and overcome hurdles.

Well, what do you think?


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  1. April 27, 2011 at 10:06 am

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