Treasure 7/16

Today, when I sat down to write the post on the next Treasure, I faced a real dilemma. The previous treasures such as Education, Intelligence, Longevity physical prowess , youth  and Courage were clear and unequivocal.

As per the sms sent by our good friend Sriram, the 7th in the list of selvangal is “Perumai” or “honour or pride”.  It is quite likely that one vowel was mistakenly instead of another ie instead of “o” , I think “e” was used.  Let me clarify.  I have a feeling that it was “Porumai” meaning Patience which fits in well with the sequence of the treasures that we have seen so far.

Assuming that it is Porumai, I shall commence this post of mine.  I will clarify it and if it is “perumai”, I shall write a post on it as well.

There is a saying in Tamizh “Poruthaar bhoomi aLwar” to mean “The patient will rule the earth”.  Now what is the patience as suggested in this phrase?  It is that patience followed by your best activity before you get the outcome of that action.  More often than not, we expect an outcome quickly and become impatient as the time approaches.  We need to remember that we do not have control over the outcome but only on the efforts.  In the modern context, impatience is signified by checking our mail box for any emails or responses to the mails that we sent some time back.  It is common to see many executives check their mobiles for any sms or their mail boxes for emails every minute.

Now why is Porumai considered a treasure for the newly weds?

It is very possible that the in-laws are still indifferent or aloof to the new girl even  after many months of the marriage.  In those days, it was very rare that a son will leave his parents and brothers to live with his wife separately.  Given this scenario, the wife who expects the others to love her immediately would make her life as well as  that of others miserable by taking steps to wean her husband away from his family.

It also used to happen that the wife had not conceived even a year after her marriage.  The pressure on her and her husband will be so much and if they are not patient, the matrimony will be a casualty. There were many instances of a man taking another wife so that the lineage continues and then is faced with a situation where the first wife becomes pregnant soon after.

These are two extreme situations where patience is necessary but even in the day-to-day life, differences of opinion will come out in the open and patience will be sorely tested.  By remaining aligned to this virtue of Patience, the marriage ship that rocks can be steadied by the couple.

Am off to verify whether it was perumai or porumai!


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  1. April 30, 2011 at 2:52 am

    […] that we saw namely Education, Intelligence, Longevity physical prowess , youth ,  Courage and Patience, none were any material riches.  Perhaps our ancestors felt that unless a person was deserving […]

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