Beyond the halfway mark

With Pon (Gold) getting added to the list of the treasures which were earlier only traits, the era of materialism had begun.  The next treasure mentioned in the 16 blessings is “PoruL” for which it is quite difficult to give an accurate translation.

Normally, this word is used in conjunction with “Pon” perhaps to mean the riches other than Gold and the biggest asset in those days (which continues to rule the roost even today) is a home with all possible amenities as available.  Today it could mean a whole gamut of gadgets and devices including but not limited to a car, household appliances and others.

What was the relevance of “PoruL” as a treasure for a newly wed?  We saw in the post yesterday too that “PoruL illarku ivvulagam illai” and without the material comforts one cannot be happy. It is another matter that people equate happiness to material comforts and that is far from truth and reality.

For the two who are beginning a new life, it is very important that they enjoy all comforts while having the traits of Education, Intelligence, Longevity physical prowess , youthCourage and Patience.  This combination would ensure that they are fulfilled and happy unlike the vast majority today who feel empty despite being wealthy.

The ancient Tamizh saint Avaiyar had once said that poverty especially in youth is very wicked.  If the newly weds were to have no material comforts or riches, then their offspring would wallow in poverty since childhood and that is certainly not desirable.

We can really appreciate the wisdom of our ancestors who gave a place for everything in their blessings.  They were not against materialism but did not consider that material riches were everything.


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  1. May 2, 2011 at 4:56 am

    […] Our ancestors were people with Vision.  They identified the components of a holistic life and included them in the blessings for the newly weds. We have so far seen 9 such treasures being Education, Intelligence, Longevity physical prowess , youth ,  Courage, Patience, Pon  & Porul. […]

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