The Treasure that people crave for

Our ancestors were people with Vision.  They identified the components of a holistic life and included them in the blessings for the newly weds. We have so far seen 9 such treasures being Education, Intelligence, Longevity physical prowess , youthCourage, PatiencePon  & Porul.

While it would be great to have such virtues and material wealth, they would be still incomplete without Pugazh or Honour or Praise and that is the 10th Treasure that we are going to see today in detail.

It is said that the “Pugazh udal” or the honour  body will last longer than its physical counterpart.  Remember that it has been 1000 years since the construction of the huge Brighadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur by Raja Raja Cholan but people still talk about him in reverence for that act.  Likewise Shahjahan‘s contribution in the form of Taj Mahal has kept his memory alive.  Closer in time we have the instance of Mahatma Gandhi who passed away more than 60 years ago but still considered in awe by scholars and common man across the world.

The power of Praise can be seen from the fact that even mighty kings and emperors had poets regularly composing songs on their achievements and victories and reciting them aloud in the palace.

Now what is the relevance of Honour for the newly weds?  By blessing them with this treasure, our ancestors exhorted the couple to make substantial contribution to the society in the field of their expertise so that they will be remembered while they were alive and thereafter, so that their subsequent generations will be proud to say that they are from this couple’s lineage.

Honour cannot be bought but has to be earned.  And it can be earned in many ways.  Chanakya gave Arthasastra and earned eternal fame.  Kalidasa composed many immortal poems that gave him a rightful place in the hall of fame.  Saint poet Thiruvalluvar wrote the Divine Thirukural on almost every conceivable aspect of life and is researched even today, after 200o years.  Many scientists like Einstein & Edison, artists like Michael Angelo, composers like Tyagaraja or Bach live through their great works.

We have read about the small boy who saved his country Holland from destruction by sealing a hole in the dyke with his hand or the dog which waited for its master at the railway station even after his death.  We are inspired by the act of Avaiyar who gave us the code for living through her “aathichoodi”, King Karikalan who built the stone dam, King Pari who gave his chariot to support a creeper or King Began who gave his dress to provide warmth to a shivering peacock and the list goes on and on.

The tale in the Mahabharata about the family members who willingly gave their last morsel of food to a guest is a great illustration of giving that inspires us to no end even today.  We may not know their name but their selfless act kindles the fire of contribution that is in each one of us.

As we can clearly see, only those who gave have lived through the ages through their contributions and hence our ancestors wanted the newly weds to earn fame by giving back to the society in any way they can.

Amazing people!!


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