Do we want to understand the ground reality?

Every day I get a few mails on corruption and black money stashed abroad and what would it mean if that money is brought back.  For the sake of argument, let us for a moment imagine that this money is brought back into the country.  Who is going to distribute this money for the various welfare measures like each village getting 100 crores etc (by the way, what would a village do with 100 crores?  nobody seems to think about that anyway!!)?  It is going to be the same politicians and officials whom we are criticising as being corrupt!!

So even if the money is brought back (which is extremely unlikely in the first case), it would only mean that it would change hands and in some cases remain with the same people in a different form.  Is this what we want?

This kind of euphoria of Rs.1456 lakh crores is good for the media and for propaganda but nothing will come out of it because it is just empty rhetoric!!

Let us not get carried away by big numbers but instead look at them objectively!!




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