Season for ‘tough decisions’

The PM started it when he said that tough decisions are required if India has to achieve a 9% GDP growth.

Now former Indian cricketers are saying that the recent whitewash by the England team calls for tough decisions.

So this is the season for tough decisions, except that nobody is prepared to say what they are and even the PM is only talking about it.  And we thought that the PM is the supreme decision-maker in the country!!

We believe that a mere mention or a call for tough decisions will suffice to keep the large problems at bay.  Sooner or later, something bigger comes up and the earlier ones disappear from the radar (like the proverbial line becoming smaller when a longer line is placed next to it) along with the tough decisions that were supposed to have been taken.

And it is not that only the Government is hurtling from one crisis to another.

Each one of us are avoiding taking decisions (tough or easy) be it relating to our finances, health, career or relationships in the hope that the problems will go away but finally each one of those will catch up with us anyway.

Is this your season for ‘tough decisions’ too?


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