Preparing for the Nasscom Launchpad – Part 1

It was a call on 1st November 2011 late evening that I am not going to forget for a long time to come.  In fact, it was a missed call which I returned whilst at a pharmacy buying medicines for my mother and I was with my 8-year-old younger son Ananthajith for whom I had just bought a cricket bat.

When I identified myself during the call, the person said “Mr Badri, I am Avinash from Nasscom.  Your company has been selected to participate in the Nasscom Launchpad on 8th.  Can you confirm your participation?”.  Since it was totally unexpected, I asked him if he can send an email which he said he just did.  I told him that I will revert to him asap.  It was a very exciting moment for me and my company NRich Software.

Just going back a couple of weeks! I had got an email as the member of the Nasscom Emerge Community (where I was active for quite some time and then dropped out of the scene) about an event to launch new products.  I wasnt sure if non-Nasscom members would be selected but nevertheless went ahead and submitted an application.  And I forgot all about that until the moment I had just described

And when I checked the mails, it was there and I gave a war cry.   Nasscom Product Conclave was the place to be in for Software product companies and what else could be a better place to launch DiaSof, our latest offering!!  I immediately emailed my confirmation to participate in the event as well as in the conference call scheduled on 4th Nov with the team.  I had a million questions on what to do and had to wait until the concall.

More about it in my next post


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  1. November 13, 2011 at 1:18 am

    […] my previous post, I had written about the call that I got from Nasscom on the […]

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