TiECon Chennai 2011 – My Experiences

Just returned from a full day event TiECon at the Chennai Trade Centre.  Am not sure if I will be able to cover everything in a series of posts and hence am e giving the summary of my experiences in this post.

I want to thank Ravichandran & his colleague Murugavelan for inviting me for the event.

What did I like?

a.  The opportunity to interact and network with Chennai-based entrepreneurs

b.  Suresh Krishna’s expression of his thoughts on communication, sharing and integrity.

c.  Kiran Shaw’s clear responses to the questions posed during the panel discussion

d.  The two-minute pitch by some start-ups

I had some cribs as follows:

1.  The delegate bag contained no pad or pen but only stacks of literature from the sponsors.

2.  Time management was quite erratic and no one seemed to adhere to the specified time limits

3.  There was hardly any interaction of the speakers with the delegates in the form of Q & A.

4.  The Choice of some speakers, specially in the context of the conference theme, left much to be desired.

5.  There was little clarity as to which track was happening in which side of the partition.


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