The “Kolaveri” phenomenon & entrepreneurship

At the last count, there have been “allegedly” 3 Million + hits for the kolaveri page on facebook & the video channel.  This is mind-boggling.

If someone would have said a week ago that a tamil film song (that is not released yet) would have a global following, we would have dismissed it as pure fantasy or at best thought it would have been an AR Rahman number promoted by Sun TV for their forthcoming picture.

Truth is much much stranger than fiction isn’t it?

The kolaveri song is composed by a very young musician Anirudh and sung by a non-musician Dhanush.  So the entire thing defies all logic, doesn’t it?

“Yeah but what is this got to do with entrepreneurship?” or” is it a mere stunt that you have used to ride on the kolaveri bandwagon?” might be your thinking now.

Without further ado, let me come to the connection straight away.

As entrepreneurs (we need a real short term for this- too difficult to type it every time), we are often (or is it always) faced by sceptics including our near and dear ones.  They keep throwing questions like “are you sure?” or “why don’t you take up a job?” at us.  Our ex-colleagues look at us as if we have lost our balance (in fact our bank balance is getting reduced by the day) and even the angels or VCs pepper us with questions for which they too do not know the answers.

I know that i have tested your patience to the limit but bear with me for just one more minute.

Thanks to the Kolaveri rage, we now have a very powerful weapon to carry on our crusade and also silence our external (and sometimes internal too) doubting thomases.

So the next time someone asks you if you can be sure about the prospects of your business venture, ask them point-blank “Did you know that Kolaveri would become  a global sensation?” and their response would be “No”.  You can tell them “I know now that anything can happen and I am sure mine will be successful”.

Thanks Anirudh and Dhanush for this ammunition!!




  1. Ramkumar said,

    November 25, 2011 at 10:24 am

    That’s a fantastic learning insight. Follow your inner voice & be persistent, that’s the mantra man. Good one, Badri

  2. Umeshpatil said,

    December 4, 2011 at 6:15 am

    Very good information. Please Find my post here..

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