Passion makes a huge difference

This evening, I visited a health fair in Valluvar Kottam Chennai titled “Arogyam”.  Given that the World Diabetes Day has just gone by and the organizers of the fair mentioned Diabetes in the header of the banners, I was keen to attend the fair.

Of the 20 + stalls, atleast 6 were selling Spirulina in the form of capsules, powders and juices.  5 of those weren’t interested in me and were very reluctant to even get up from their seats when i stood in front of their stall for a minute.  Perhaps they were tired after a full day.

But there was one person who not only gave out the cards and the literature with energy but also fielded my many questions on Spirulina including the story of why he started this.  He responded to my queries on competition with ease and clarity without disparaging them.

He also asked me to check out his website with the FAQs and that showed his professionalism.  I was stunned when he told me that if I wanted refills, I could pay into his bank account and he will courier the same to my address.  He was very assertive in establishing established his long-term objectives in this market.

Not only did i buy his product but also came away impressed enough to write this post about him and his company.




  1. Gopalakrishnan said,

    November 26, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Wow! An example of great customer handling which is increasingly rare to find these days. Especially for someone who faces product category competition from both national and international brands for this item. We need more such entrepreneurs to change the attitude of this country from “chalta hai” to “can do”!

  2. Ramkumar said,

    November 28, 2011 at 6:57 am

    Totally agree. Passion differentiates between a high performer & an also ran !!

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