Instant Karma

Today was the last day to pay for the difference in milk prices for Aavin cardholders in Chennai and when I went to their office in T Nagar, I expected a huge queue. To my pleasant surprise, I was at the counter within minutes of entry.

The person at the counter looked at my cards and asked me to pay Rs.235. I did not have the exact change but I gave him Rs.1035 so that it would be easier for him. In the process, I was left only with 100 and 500 notes.

On my way back, I purchased a magazine priced at Rs.25. I gave the shopkeeper a 100 Re note and without any murmur and on his own he gave me 7 10 Re notes and 1 5 rupee coin. Now I have enough change to make someone else’s life easier and better.

Perhaps this is “Instant Karma”


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  1. December 7, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    […] Instant Karma ( […]

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