Nokia! Please wake up!!

I read a piece in the ET about Nokia’s aggressive push for its Lumia smartphones.

Who are the targeted prospects?  Quote “Nokia plans to target young people between 22 years and 24 years with its Lumia smartphones. “We intend to target young working people, who are in their very first jobs. Our marketing campaign is intended to target young people,” he (Nokia India Western regional general manager Prashanth Mani) said.” Unquote

So far so good.  A very clear definition of the target audience.

The next obvious question is “how to make this audience aware of Nokia Lumia phones and get them to buy?” and here is where I saw a real disconnect.

Do you know how Nokia wants to do this?  Quote ” Very soon you will see Jet Airways aircraft painted and branded with Nokia Lumia colours” Unquote.

First of all, the colours of the phones (as if they matter) would have to be popularized enough so that they would get reinforced with the display of the same on other articles.  So Nokia must heavily promote the colours of the phones instead of the benefits of the phones and then spend again on getting the same colours on other media.  Given that the prices of smartphones are crashing everyday, any contender worth his salt would like to make his offering  competitive.  Let’s not forget  that Lumia runs on Windows (an also ran, pun unintended, in the race against iphone and Android OS), it has some real serious problems to address to make an impact.

Lets assume for a moment that this is a sound strategy and that the younger audience buy smartphones on the basis of colours.  What is the relevance of Jet Airways painted in the same colours to these young boys and girls on their first jobs, as been defined?  Surely not all the new recruits are going to fly across the country with an amazing regularity to notice the jet airways planes clothed in the colours of the Nokia Lumia and then buy the phones!!

Either the Nokia management is so desperate to clutch at any straws given the loss of market share and the emergence of very strong contenders or a brilliant selling by the ad agencies (or possibly both)

The only beneficiaries of this exercise would be Jet Airways and the ad agency that got this contract.  Not Nokia and certainly not the customers who will have to pay for this mindless splurge!!

The very fact that the ad campaign has moved to the skies clearly indicates that  Nokia and its ad agencies do not have a firm feet on terra firma.

Wake up Nokia!!


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  1. December 14, 2011 at 7:11 am

    interesting observation on the campaign

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