This works wonders for me! Try it out

Every time I get stuck in an issue or whenever I am faced with a challenge, I just do this and within a few minutes I am able to come out with a concrete solution.

I step out into the open space be it the terrace of my home or set out on a walk on the roads (I prefer the former because I do not have to navigate the potholes or manage the traffic) with my Blackberry. I then turn on the voice recorder in the device and start talking into it about the problem whilst walking around.

While I am doing this I present the problem as if to an audience and hence try and make it as clear as possible so that they can really understand. I then ask myself “what is the best way out of this?” and within moments I see myself roll out the solution as if it was already prepared.  I have been at many occasions surprised by the quality of the responses that I have got because only a few minutes back the situation seemed so hopeless and everything looks all set to go.

It appears as if the different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle effortlessly fall in place with this  approach.  Although I record the entire narration of the problem and the solution therein, it is seldom used because the full conversation seems to be embedded in my memory and I am able to easily commit it to paper on coming back to the workplace.

I have tried the same process but within the confines of my office just to see the efficacy of the individual components at play.  I’m amazed to find that the results are vastly different.  The same person following the same procedure of talking into the voice recorder but still stuck after several minutes.

I have again experienced the same ‘deja vu’ when I am under the shower.  I am therefore able to appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of Archimedes when he got the paradigm shift of displacement. My head would be swimming in multiple possibilities that I would be really raring to stop the bath and get going to store them.

Based on these experiments that have been done on several occasions, I have now come to believe that when I am in touch with nature in its basic form (like the open space and water as described – I have not tried out the ‘agni’ part and do not intend to do so either) something opens up within me to provide the solutions to the problems.

The talking aloud, it appears to me, helps to clear the air by addressing the various dimensions and concerns without any inhibitions and that paves the way for the solution to ‘appear’ on its own.

The use of recorder is more of a utility than anything else because sometimes I have been surprised by the torrential flow of thoughts and related ideas and recording them can be a good reference later on.

So the next time you are in a situation looking for a way out, you now know what you can do!!


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  1. December 19, 2011 at 3:48 am

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