This will not happen to me!!

Why do we

  1. Drive in the wrong way in an one-way street with impunity?
  2. Smoke a pack a day despite a mountain of evidence on the harmful effects of smoking?
  3. Drink and then drive although we know it could be dangerous?
  4. Pile up a lot of sweets on our plate regardless of our health condition?
  5. Refusing to go for that walk despite the large collection of adipose tissue (read ‘fat’) around our waist?
  6. Regularly keep consuming gallons of coffee to stay all up night to finish a work that was due yesterday?

I could go on and on. The only reason why we keep doing things even though we know it could be harmful to us, is that we think “Nothing will happen to me”.

A concern would surface when we see a colleague of our age just drop dead out of sheer exhaustion or gross abuse of his/her health but that would be temporary in nature and after a while life will be as usual.

And this is not new!!

Even in Mahabharata times, this delusion was common place .  After Yudishtra answered a barrage of questions from a Yaksha to save his brothers, he was faced with a googly question “What is the greatest wonder  in this world?”. Pat came the reply.  “Day after day countless people die. Yet the living wish to live forever. O Lord, what can be a greater wonder?”

Can we take a minute off from being very busy and reflect on what we are doing and why we are doing what we are doing?


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