Wish Clarke were leading India!!!

It was really a great surprise when Clarke declared the Australian first innings when his personal score was at 329, just 5 short of the highest scores by an Australian that included the legendary Don Bradman.  Anyone who had come this far (this is Clarke’s first double hundred leave alone a triple) was akin to coming a few feet away from the Everest peak but choosing not to take that few steps to immortal glory calls for lot of guts.  His decision to declare and put pressure on India paid dividends with 2 early wickets down already but that is another matter altogether.  We would never know why he chose to declare when great milestones were within his grasp!!

That he waited till Hussey reached his 150 is a great gesture especially when we have seen some of our own captains behaving in a petty manner when it comes to their personal glories or their team mates’.

It will not be out-of-place to recall Saurav Ganguly’s declaration in the same SCG in 2004 when Rahul Dravid was at 91, as if those 15 to 30 minutes were absolutely crucial for the outcome of the match and hence could not wait for those 9 runs to be scored by  Dravid.  That match incidentally ended in a draw.

It is also painful to remember the manner in which Sunil Gavaskar engineered the break of Kapil’s consecutive test appearances by dropping him from the Calcutta test in 1984 against the English team on the flimsy pretext that his shot which cost him his wicket in the previous match was unbecoming of a team player.

And how can we forget Sunil Gavaskar’s doggedness in Pakistan when he dragged his opening partner Chetan Chauhan out of the ground because he (Sunil) was wrongly (in his mind) adjudged out?

I really want to congratulate Clarke for his momentous innings and for giving up his personal accolades for the sake of his team!! May his tribe become larger in the days to come!!


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  1. KB said,

    January 6, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Nice article……shows that being spontaneous is as important as being ‘calculating’ … somehow the ‘perception’ todays …( perhaps by media and perhaps by the ‘business-like’ outlook that is prevalent – or so it seems to me most times)- that you have to be highly ‘calculating’ for any impact on society or in any field. It actually echoes some of the concepts that we bring to people’s awareness through the BILVAA MINDWARE workshops.

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