Are these guys mad?

I just saw that India has replaced Ashwin by Vinay and I am perplexed.  I have nothing against Vinay.

Anybody who has been watching this series will testify the fact that it is our batting that let us down.  The fabled line-up has just not performed.  And if you look at it, Ashwin was the guy who scored despite being called a bowler. He scored a 20 (out of 191)  and a 62 (out of 400) to score 82 in the recently concluded Sydney test and that is much better than any of the other players.

Gambhir scored a 0 & 83  = 83

Sehwag 30 & 4 = 34

Dravid 5 & 29 = 34

Sachin 41 & 80 = 121

Laxman 2 & 66 = 68

Dhoni 57 & 2 = 59

As you can see very clearly, only the little master scored more than Ashwin, if 1 extra run by an opener is not considered.

And this is not an isolated case:

Look at the Melbourne test

Ashwin took 3 wickets in the first innings (next only to Zaheer who took 4 wickets) and scored 31 (the fourth best after Dravid,  Sehwag and Sachin) & 30 (the second best after  Sachin who scored 32)

Look at it from another angle.  Ashwin is the only other player apart from Sachin to have crossed double figures in all the 4 innings.

Even a child would say that India lost because of its poor batting performance and now for the third test they have dropped Ashwin and further weakened the batting.

I always thought that there will be a shred of common sense and logic in the selection but I am sad to be proved wrong!!

For the fourth test, it will be only fit to drop Sachin and that will make the story complete!!


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