Wish we were in Turkey

The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson faces a potential 20+ years of prison for secretly filming a group of Turkish orphans for a documentary.  The charge is ‘breach of privacy”.  We do not want to go into the details of this so-called sting operation but it is really interesting that Turkey has mustered the courage to press charges against the person married to Prince Andrew, on a relatively flimsy ground.

And let’s see what happens in India.

Alistair Anthony Pereira was sentenced to jail for three years by the Mumbai high court after it reversed the trial court’s verdict of 6 months.  And what was the crime?  Pereira drove his BMW  in a drunken state and mowing to death seven persons sleeping on a Mumbai pavement in 2006. The Supreme Court has also lamented that even this 3 years imprisonment is too lenient but it is constrained because the State Government did not appeal against the High Court’s order.

One person married into the Royal Family faces imprisonment of 20 years for filming orphans without their permission whereas a commoner (rich though) in  India walks away with an incredibly light 3 years sentence for killing 7 citizens and wounding some more.  And the State Government is ok with this sentence and hence doesn’t appeal to the apex court!!

We are lucky to be in India (if we can afford it)!!  Those 7 who were killed and others who were maimed are not worth anything because they are poor!!



  1. Sridhar said,

    January 13, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Somethings never change ..
    One small correction ..it was ‘Prince Andrew’ and not ‘Prince Charles’

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