How I re-possessed my Hotmail account after being hacked!!

This is a guest post by my good friend Narayan R (rnar(at)hotmail(.)com) who transformed himself from a victim of a hack to someone back in control of his Hotmail account.  I am posting this for the benefit of those who may have gone through such an attack.  Thank you Narayan.

Background: Narayan’s Hotmail account was hacked and those in his contact list received an email asking for financial assistance to extricate himself from a disaster overseas.  Interestingly enough, the hacker included his brother’s correct name to lend more authenticity for the email.


First,  the hacker would have created a new password, so our existing password will not work – so please enter the Hotmail webpage and you will see a prompt for “not being able to access the account”

We click that prompt and there will be 3 options one of which asks whether you think someone is using your account – if you click that you then are given a link to reset your password

Thee are a series of steps given to reset your password, I also recollect if we are stuck somewhere in following these steps then you can access some link which asks whether you are unable to reset your password – if you press this then you are mailed a link to an alternate I’d which helps you to reset the password

But resetting alone will not do –  after resetting and entering our account, we need to prevent the hacker from re-entering – for that you should delete all alternate ids which are shown in your profile (even if 1 or 2 are genuine ones it does not matter) and also reset the secret question and answer thereof

The above steps should hopefully ensure you are in safe re-possession of your account !



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