4 Power Tips For Successful LinkedIn Networking

All of us know that LinkedIn is a very powerful medium for professional networking where the first step is to get connected to the people you want to network with.

It is extremely distressing to find many people failing at this initial step itself and hence not able to take advantage of this huge opportunity to network.

I assume that as a professional you would be clear about whom to network with and hence not elaborating on choosing the target audience for sending your invites.  To ensure that your networking is powerful, you need to be very focused on the kind of people you want in your network.  So spend some quality time in selecting the people.

I keep receiving requests to connect on LinkedIn and most of them are of the type of ” I’d like to add you to my professional network” followed by the sender’s name.  The senders do not even take the effort of making the invite look personalized by using my name at the beginning of the invite and hence it looks like I’m one of the many people to whom they have sent the invite. The interest level drops drastically with a plain invite without even a name.

Tip 1:  Include the person’s name, preferably with a salutation (especially if you do not know the person).  And if you are well known, it may be better to use an abbreviated name or nickname to create that connection instantly.  If you are not sure, it is safe to be formal.

Any person worth his / her salt, would receive a few invites on LinkedIn regularly and hence if you want your invite to be accepted, apply rule 1 as above but that is not sufficient.  Go through the person’s profile and find out the  areas where he / she is interested and where you can contribute.  In short, make a compelling case for that person to click on ‘Accept’.  In other words, press the buttons that would make your invite appear appealing to the recipient.

Tip 2:  Answer the ‘What’s in it for me to accept this invite?” question in a crisp way if you want a higher chance of success

A caveat to the rules 1 & 2.  Be careful in spelling the person’s name (many feathers have been ruffled because of this one seemingly trivial issue) and spell check your invite content.  I have received some invites with ghastly typos that give me an impression that the sender is not professional enough to take the efforts.

Tip 3:  Once you have crafted an appealing invite and sent it to the person, just wait.  It is very possible that the person to whom you have sent the invite to does not check his LinkedIn page often or has the messages from LinkedIn sent automatically to a folder.  LinkedIn itself sends reminders to the person on your behalf and hence it would be unwise to add to that.

Tip 4: If your invite has been accepted, do send a brief note to the person thanking him / her for the same and start a conversation to take your relationship further.

Just following these steps will give a strong boost to your LinkedIn network.

How do I know?  Because I built a network of almost 1500 contacts with a very high conversion ratio by following these simple steps.


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