I was cribbing about my shoes until …

If you are a resident of Chennai, like I am, the most frequent conversation you would have with someone is about the timing of the power cut and how it is ruining your life.  I hear it everywhere from the hair-dressers to the shops, at my computer designer’s office to my family members and it is not something that you can avoid. And it IS quite a disturbance especially in this hot summer.  My shirt sticks to my body and its sweat all over.

I was raving and ranting about it until the day I went for a pilgrimage tour to Sirkazhi.  There (and everywhere else in Tamilnadu except Chennai) having power was the exception and power-cuts were the norm to the extent that most households went without power for as high as 10-12 hours every day.  And this happened during day as well as during the nights.  In fact, we shifted from our pre-booked hotels in Trichy and Kumbakonam because they did not have generators.

And now, when there is the scheduled power-cut of 2 hours, I get really irritated but that lasts for a second because I am happy it is only for 2 hours every day unlike my fellow human beings elsewhere in the state.  I heard a friend talk about Mumbai and Gujarat and the availability of power throughout the day and he was feeling even more miserable while I am peaceful.  It is so empowering (pun unintended) that I am able to take even the 9-5 blackout that happens once a month in my stride.

Another area where I am fully anchored is in traffic snarls.

Like most of the weary travellers on Chennai roads, I used to get really frustrated about the traffic jams until the day I read about the traffic jam in China that lasted for 10 days on the highway to Beijing.  Now even when I am stuck for 30 minutes or an hour in traffic, I am calm because it could have been worse and thankfully it is not.

I too have read the saying “I was complaining about the bad shoes that I had until the day I saw a man without his feet” but truly experienced it on these two occasions.

Let’s count our blessings to enjoy everlasting peace and happiness.


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  1. s.sridharudu said,

    May 21, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    I have experienced the same when I moved from Chennai to Districts adjacent to chennai. 2 Hrs we crible but 10-12/day some times more. My hearts goes to my rest of Tamil Nadu citizens. I pray that we will be like Gujarat without power cut. This can happen when the Govt rationalise the power distribution. No FREE power. Charge but give me GOOD QUALITY power. PLEASE.

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