Finding what we want, quicker and easier!!

This evening, while on my evening walk at the terrace , I noticed a ball lying in a nearby ground and also a boy who was searching for it.  I called him, directed him to the ball and he found it.  This small incident struck a chord within me and hence this post.

I could see the ball because I had the altitude and I helped the boy on my own because I was interested in him finding the ball.  It was not he couldn’t have found it but for me!  He may have found the ball on his own if he had persisted but it might have taken much longer for him and he might have even given it up.  But he chose to believe in me and followed my directions


If each one of us is that boy and happiness is the ball, whom can we turn to if we really want to find the ball?  We can do it ourselves or we can take the help of someone who can see it or has seen it and is interested in us. In short, the great masters and teachers who have so much of compassion for all of us and have left precise directions on finding what we want, be it happiness or peace.

If only, we listen to them and follow their instructions!!


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  1. N Ramesh said,

    May 28, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    Hi Badri,

    I think at last you have found out or rather stumbled upon the meaning and the purport of ‘Blind Faith’ and ‘Implicit Obedience’ which I have always been telling you for long and you have always argued on it, as usual !

    I think of late you are becoming better and a little wiser too, Thanks to the Holy Masters who have been telling you a lot of good things and even tacitly guiding you all these years, in spite of your resistance to learn !

    May you continue to learn like this, preferably a bit faster than ever !

    Good Luck !

    Thus Spake N Ra !

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