Huge price of watching

Whilst on my daily walk this evening,  every now and then I would pause to watch my son and his friends play street cricket!!  And then I noticed that I spent atleast 15 minutes watching the game and I did not even realize it!!

And then it hit me!!  I allowed the spectator in me sabotage my walking

Quite often we intend to watch the TV  for a few minutes before dinner but end up spending an hour or more just switching between news, sports and movie channels and in the process either had a late dinner or ate it mechanically.

Or come online just to catch up with some mails but in the process read a few news items, click on a few links and before we realize it, we have spent a few hours in front of the computer!!  And the work that we started is still pending and we are way behind in time.

Watching others is so addictive that we seldom notice that  in the process we lose valuable time and energy doing our work as it was meant to be!!

And it has reached the stage where  we would rather be watching someone play rather than be the player, applaud someone else than be the ones to get the appreciation, comment on others on the field rather than be commented upon!!

It is not that we should not be watching someone else but if we are going to do that all our lives, then it is a real let down for the champion inside each one of us.


1 Comment

  1. N Ramesh said,

    May 28, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    Hello Ramesh,

    Nice to know that you have started realising so many subtle things in life which are crucial and critical to one’s well being ! Keep Learning and more importantly keep sharing what you have learnt with others !

    Do well !

    Thus Spake N Ra !

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