Do we need more accidents?

Chennai was in the national news channels for the wrong reason.  A MTC bus fell from the gemini flyover into the road below.

A passenger has been reported to have spotted the driver holding a mobile phone in his hand while negotiating the curve and there is no reason for the driver to have a mobile phone other than having a conversation or reading a sms.

Only a week or so back, we read about another bus driver running into a bunch of shops in keezkattalai having lost control and was also reported to have been engaging in a conversation on his cell phone when it happened.

Fortunately, there have been no casualties in both the accidents.

Do we need more accidents for drivers (not only of the buses but all those who drive or ride any vehicle on the roads) to stay away from talking on the phone?

I had earlier written a post on talking and driving here.


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  1. N Ramesh said,

    June 28, 2012 at 7:40 am


    It is really very sad to know about this accident caused not by reckless driving skills but due to sheer non challance and indiscipline on the part of the driver !

    At the same time it is heartening to note that such a kind of accident has not happened in the last forty years of having this massive flyover in the city of Chennai !

    Thanks to the large penetration of the Mobile phones and the explosion of Cell phone users in recent years, which has resulted in everyone having a connectivity !

    But sadly most of them do not know the etiquette of using such a vital telephonic gadget and they are just not tutored in the discretionary usage of such instruments !

    Anyhow it has happened and let this accident serve as a good lesson to all of us especially those belonging to the driving community to be a lot careful from now onwards !

    Thus Spake N Ra !

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