The secret for things to happen

There was a guy who dug a hole in the ground, put a seed and closed it.  in his eagerness to watch the growth, he would open the place and take a look at the seed every day.  And he did this for a month and was clearly frustrated at the absence of any growth during this period.

If you think that this guy is foolish, I invite all of us to take a look at our own lives.  To illustrate, let me paint a picture that may be familiar to most of us.

We send a mail or an sms which we think is very important and then check for the response by pressing ‘F5’ or ‘send/receive mail’ button on the computer or check the inbox of our mobile phone for any response.  We become anxious as time goes on and we increase the frequency of our glance at the mail window.  And then we reach the saturation point and say to ourselves “let it come whenever it comes”.  And that is the time when we least expect a response but that is when it normally comes.

How can we explain this phenomenon?

Most of us hold on to the expected results so tightly that it would complain of suffocation.  By giving it some space or air which we can do by letting it go, we are actually allowing it to nurture and flower.

Btw, letting it go is not the same as not following up.  Following up on some action is to remind the other person and it is often required.

You would have experienced the miracle of letting go many times in your life but if you still have doubts about it, try doing it now and see for yourself!!



  1. N Ramesh said,

    July 23, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Dear Badri,

    I honestly feel that you have now got matured enough to write a book, having got a good bit of education on many matters including LIFE, especially on how to live a perfect life !

    More so, because you do have the knack of converting all your personal experiences and condensing them into likable lessons which the world of yours has to know anyway !

    And that is reflected in the way you use words deftly, and being politically correct all the time, more particularly by cleverly avoiding the usage of ‘I, Me, Myself, Mine’ and using ‘we, us’ etcetera !

    May be instead of wasting your invaluable time in writing blogs which very few people read and only fewer respond to it, it is ideal to spend your time in writing what I had stated above !

    I am sure your seminal tome on life and in the art of fine living would turn out to be a Best Seller as you normally write it both from your heart and head with an eye on the Box Office !

    Good Luck on this assignment of yours !

    Thus Spake the Sage !

    • badrirag said,

      July 23, 2012 at 1:44 pm

      Thank you Ramesh for your words of encouragement. Will certainly publish a book.

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