The Power of Sharing


When shared, sorrow reduces and happiness increases!!  

While this has been our experience at many times, we are still not fully expressed in sharing our triumphs and disasters with others.

One reason for the phenomenal success of Facebook is that it provides a platform for people to share their lives with their near and dear ones from the comfort of their homes.  Which is why we find people sharing photos, videos etc of their children or of their vacations and then check for updates and eagerly wait for likes and comments!!

At the same time, most of us are very reluctant to share a personal  breakthrough with others because either it is not big enough even for us or we think that others will scoff at us for being so trivial.  And for us it should be atleast winning an Oscar or a Gold medal at the Olympics to be worthy enough to share!!  Since we demean ourselves and slight our own achievements, we hold ourselves back and that creates a vicious circle.

A friend of mine who is normally shy, took courage in her hands and made a bold request to a client (after a lot of coaching from my end) and to her surprise and shock, he actually accepted her request and did what was required.  While she shared it with her husband, she wasn’t comfortable in sharing it in front of a community that we are part of, wondering “idhu enna periya vishayam?” meaning “What’s great about this?”.  She did not realize that by her sharing, she may inspire someone to take courageous actions and the world will not be the same again.

I experience the same reluctance amongst visitors to my blog who call me and say that the post was good or they didn’t agree with what I have written for such and such reason but wouldn’t put that in the comments.  Adding a comment has two beneficial results: one is that it creates an opportunity to have a conversation and second it can open up something for someone else who has been grappling with a similar challenge or thought.

Our experiences are not physical commodities that would become scarce when we share but on the contrary will enrich us and others!!

Let’s call/meet someone today & share something with that person.



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