Parents are (ir)responsible

I was shocked to read this news item in The Hindu of today and it once again brings to light our compliance (or the lack of it) to rules and regulations. (The image is only an indicator and actually not related to the accident reported)

The friend of the deceased, Arvind is only 16 but has taken his father’s scooty for a joy ride.  Most probably his parents did not object to him using the vehicle earlier and that gave him the confidence to take it. This is not an isolated case and I know of several kids who are less than the minimum age, but riding or driving  regularly.  I also know many parents who are very happy and sometimes even proud that their sons or daughters are riding the vehicles even though they are not supposed to!!

I recall an incident where a boy (whom I knew very well) riding with his friend, had his mobike smashed by a  rowdy  and in addition they were  also physically assaulted.  Although the toughie was on the wrong side of the law, the boys (and their parents) did not lodge a complaint with the police because the boy did not have a valid driving license.  The pillion rider  suffered a major injury to his ears on account of this altercation but it was a case of a thief getting bitten by a scorpion!!

My earnest request to Parents!  Please desist your children from riding your bikes or driving your cars and you would be doing a huge favour not only to the road users but to your kids and more importantly yourselves!!

Remember that you will be responsible for any accident caused by your under-age children riding your bikes and also that there will be no insurance coverage in case something happens!!



  1. Ram said,

    September 20, 2012 at 7:50 am

    Excellent post. Extremely relevant for all. I have shared this with Akshay, my 15 year old son who keeps driving his Amma’s 2 wheeler within the street. I am taking on being a responsible and disciplined citizen by ensuring he does not drive until he reaches the right age for this. Thanks for sharing

    • badrirag said,

      September 20, 2012 at 8:43 am


      Thanks for taking the right action. In fact, Anirudh (my elder son who is 16) is very angry at me for not allowing him to ride the motorbike but i have held my ground in his own interest. It appears that some of his classmates are riding two-wheelers to school and his question is “why not me?”

      I see a neighbour’s son who is only 11 or 12 learning to drive the car and I hope and pray that nothing happens to him or to anybody else while he drives.

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