Crossing the roads, the safer way

Why am I writing this post?  I have been fretting and fuming, for quite some time now, at the way many people cross the road, putting themselves and others in real jeopardy and today I decided to put it down in words.

The rules for crossing as I have mentioned in my post below, apply only to the places where “traffic keeps to the left”.  With this disclaimer, I shall now start.

a.  While the traffic is keeping to the left, the pedestrians will do well  to keep to the right which means that they always face the traffic.  Why so?  One is better prepared to handle an oncoming vehicle than another that comes behind one’s back.  In the event where the place they want to go to requires them to keep to the left, I would really urge them to keep to the right as much as possible and then cross over when needed.

b.  Somehow it has got embedded into the psyche of the pedestrians to look to the left and cross.  Nothing can be more dangerous than that.  Let’s consider a wide road that has 2 streams of traffic, one on both sides of a median.  the person on one  side of the road wishes to cross over to the other side.  When he/she looks to the left and crosses they are well prepared for the second half but what about the first?

So for those who are following rule a as above, they need to look at their right first to  ascertain that they can go ahead and cross the half.  Then they need to look at the left, check for oncoming traffic and then cross the second half.  (I can understand that this appears complex and my apologies for not making it simpler.  Just do it once and you will get it)

c.  We often see that children are exposed to traffic while walking.  Parents or elders may please keep the children on the extreme end of the road while they face the traffic.  I am obviously assuming that their reflexes are better than their children.

d.  I have also observed that many women (no offence intended) cross the road half-way and then panic.  They take a step, retract and repeat this cycle a few times enough to create anxious moments for the motorists.  They would be better off in following steps a and b as above and continue with it rather than doubt their own decisions.

Some might raise the question “where is the space on the roads for the pedestrians?” and that is a very valid one for which I do not have an answer now.  Having said that, it is all the more important for pedestrians to follow these rules in such difficult conditions and make the roads safer for themselves and for others.


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