Parenting Conversations


Last night, my younger son (9 years young) joined me for my regular walk on the terrace  Normally, I would ask him some questions about cricket and he would enquire about how things were when I was his age!!

But this time around, I wanted to make the conversation more interactive and involved. In that context, I asked him a few questions like:

a.  If you had a time machine that could take you to past or future, what are three periods that you would want to go and why?

b. If you got Rs.1 lakh with a condition that you must use it for others, what would you do?

c.  If you got Rs.10 lakhs but with a provision that you must spend it within 2 days (a mini inspiration from the movie Arunachalam!!), what would you spend it on?

d.  If Hotel Taj gave you an opportunity to invite  25 guests for a party, whom would you invite?

I am not going to share his responses but I really got his world during the conversation.  I could also understand the depth of his relationships with different people in his life from the last question and I’m sure that a straight question would not have generated this kind of authentic responses.

What different kinds of conversations can we have with our children?



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  1. Mouli said,

    September 23, 2012 at 4:00 am

    I am sure the answers could have easily unearthed the generational attitudes and changes. I would attribute this to information overload that we see hitting us thru TV, Internet and many other sources and may not necessarily be aligned to our core beliefs. To be practical, I would be happy to go and discuss what my children like rather than having difficult conversations. It may sound that I am shying away from issues.My personal life experience is counsel and advice is never to be shared or given unless some one asks for it.

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