Winner of Round 1: Salman Khurshid

Headlines Today, a news channel recently made a splash that the Trust of which the Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid is the Patron has misappropriated funds meant for disabled persons.  There were some auxiliary charges as well and taking a cue from this, activist Arvind Kejriwal demanded a probe and the resignation of the Minister besides his arrest.  He also staged some demonstrations and got himself arrested for a brief while before returning to the media glare for more agitations.

This afternoon, Salman Khurshid called a press conference and showed some proofs that the camps were held and that the equipment has been given to the identified people.  When a reporter from the channel repeatedly asked him a question (for which I thought the Minister had already responded), the Minister lost his cool and it was soon chaos all around.

Now let us dissect the entire allegation and the response and analyze.

a. The main charge by the Channel and Arvind Kejriwal was that the Trust had shown money was spent for the designated people and the documentary evidence was a list of camps backed with other reports.  They claimed that the camps were not held at all and were only on paper.

Salman Khurshid has today given proofs that the camps were held.

If he is right then the allegation falls flat.  If he isn’t, then he has damned himself further.  There is also a third possibility that some camps as claimed were held and some were not.

It is also possible that just the camps were held but nothing further was done by the Trust.  It is for the media to prove the same.

I have not done the due diligence  and do not intend to do so but surely the media will now do the verification.

So, if the camps were actually held and the beneficiaries are genuine, then there is no wrongdoing by the Trust in which case the Channel and Arvind must apologize to the Minister or face the defamation suits in the court. On the contrary, if there are bogus entries in the list of beneficiaries, the Minister must be asked to leave the Union Cabinet.

b.  Everything else, such as forged affidavits, inaction by concerned Ministries etc are hugely dependent on this main charge of misappropriation of funds and should not colour the entire episode and investigation.

On watching the Minister’s Press Conference, I personally felt that he had responded admirably to the charges and allegations but it is early days to see whether his ‘evidences’ stand to scrutiny.  I also observed the intransigence of the media especially by Deepak of the Aaj Tak in not giving Salman Khurshid the courtesy of explaining his stance.


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  1. jkchaturvedi said,

    October 15, 2012 at 6:05 am

    I agree with you fully. The proceedings of the Conference show a pre planned agenda of pinning the Minister and not giving him a chance to speak. It was very similar to that of the Parliament proceedings. Whatever, the accusations are , I definitely feel that Kejriwal & co. are just picking on the ruling Government in a manner which lacks any kind of culture. Its a mob which makes a lot of noise to prove their power and point.
    They seem to be above law or rather law themselves. Till now, in all the allegations that champion Kejriwal has made against the ruling party, in not even one has he followed up the legal course.
    My question is why is he not a law biding Citizen?
    He is giving new software every day to the Media and in return is getting solid publicity but I am sorry no mileage.

    As far as the News channels are concerned do you really think they are patriotic enough to know the truth?
    They are just en cashing the On goings for their TRP’s.

    It’s a sad state of affairs but the more Kejriwal & Co. are indulging in hitting below the belt the more they are turning the intellects away !

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