Wow! IRCTC is really responsive!!

In Nov 2011, I blogged about the incomplete details that IRCTC provided to passengers via sms (read it here) and there was a slight improvement in June 2012 when some more details were added (you can read the post here).

Today (16th Oct 2012), I made a booking and I got the sms as “PNR xxxx Train 12657 DOJ 06-11-2012 Time:23:15 SL, MAS to SBC BADRINARAYANAN, S X, XX Fare 193, SC 10+PG Chgs”

Wow! I now have all the details I need viz the PNR number, train no, date, time of departure, coach and seat (details suppressed above for obvious reasons).

There is really no need for me to take a printout of the ticket except as an insurance against my mobile not being charged or if a physical document is required for accounting purposes.

Now that IRCTC is really listening and being empathetic, may I also request them to include the Train name as well!!  If that would call for additional characters, then most people would not mind the fare and sc details removed!!

Congratulations IRCTC and thank you!!

BTW, I just realized that PNR (an acronym that I have used frequently without knowing the expansion) stands for Passenger Name Record


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