Famous Five is here again – An intro

This is not a rehashed version of the well-known book series by Enid Blyton and so you can relax.

The theme of our Golu this year was ‘5’ and we portrayed  18 instances of ‘5’s, some famous and some not so.  Hence the title of the post.

This was a kind of sequel to last year’s Golu which was based on the number ‘9’. And by the way, we do not have any number fetish!!

We had close to about 100 visitors during the 11 days of the Golu (extended by public demand and mischief by rain god) and almost everybody were asking us on why we did not participate in any competition or have some kind of TV coverage.

This series of posts with pictures and a brief commentary is my way of preserving the legacy of the year’s efforts.  Would really appreciate your comments and feedback.


1 Comment

  1. Ram said,

    October 31, 2012 at 4:46 am

    We missed attending this one after a long time, Badri, as we were travelling. Hope to see some pictures of the Golu.

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