An inconvenience rightly considered …

This particular post may resonate more with people in Chennai (not even to rest of TN).  Yeah, I am referring to the scheduled power-cut phenomenon!!

The attitude of most people especially in Chennai towards the 2-hour daily power-cut is one of resistance or resignation.  That seems to be the opening remark of people when they meet or speak to each other and compare notes about which 2 hours is affected in their locality.

Some practical people, specially women, have adapted to it and modified their lives accordingly by scheduling their cooking or washing accordingly.

A few people have decided that they cannot manage even those 2 hours perhaps due to their health conditions and have gone in for an inverter or a generator.

You would know which category you belong to!!

Now all of us  can become ‘enterprising’ and make a huge difference to our lives by just a small shift.  Like I did this morning!!

In this month, November 2012, power-cut happens in my locality between 8 am and 10 am.  I checked my emails and messages just before 8 am and at 8, I was smiling because the next two hours can be a huge blessing without the temptations of internet and TV.  So I started working on a very important project about the future of my business that was pending for quite some time but  was triggered by my meeting with my mentor yesterday.

(Those who work on PCs especially online would know the constant demand on their time by emails, Twitter, Facebook etc, more so related to their work.  And before they know what happened, its lunch time and likewise time to leave the workplace.)

Coming back , I saw this power-cut as a huge opportunity to take on many pending jobs at personal and professional levels that were not getting the ‘time’ thanks to the preoccupation with the various gadgets.  I can also use this period to take on some inner reflection and introspection that I keep putting off.

I did not even notice or feel the lack of air circulation and I was amazed at my productivity and output in the 90 minutes (30 spent in telephonic conversations I could not put off but I am working on that as well either by putting the phone on silent mode or letting know people that I will not take their calls during this period).

New openings became available and ideas flowed as a torrential downpour during this period.  The rest of the day is now a breeze.

I am feeling wow & am now looking forward to 8 am tomorrow (what an idea Sirji!!!)

I saw the inconvenience as a blessing and life is a bliss.

(I am yet to think of a way to transform human lives during the looong 8-12 hours of power-cut elsewhere in the state of TN and hence the disclaimer at the beginning of the post and let us remember that the  power-cut in Chennai is between 8 am and 6 pm which is broad-daylight)

So what do you want to take on today, tomorrow and rest of the period when you face a scheduled power-cut?  Please share for the benefit of others who can now get inspired!!


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