Beware of the Title!!

A lesson I learnt this evening, perhaps the easier way!

This morning, I wrote a post about how I converted the power-cut nuisance in Chennai to my advantage, added a sweet carton and on an impulse gave the title “Tamasoma Jyothir Gamaya’.  I patted myself on the back for the work, published it and shared it as usual in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter besides sending an email to about 6 people.

After that I went out with my mom to look for some suitable gifts for her staff ( a practice that she is following for more than a decade), then dropped my younger son at Pizza corner for his friend’s birthday party and my elder son at his IIT preparation classes.  I returned home and checked the stats of my blog to see the number of people who had read this above post.

I was shocked at the perfect round figure of 0!!  The post did not even figure in the list of posts that were viewed!!  I suspected that the post got deleted somehow but when I checked it was still there as a Virgin Post (Hope Branson doesn’t sue me for abusing his brand!!!)

I was clueless about this total boycott despite being in the social media for more than 12 hours and that too on a saturday!!

I then thought that perhaps the title sounded too Sanskrit, Vedic, Brahminical or Esoteric that it had deterred even the normally curious people from taking a look!!

I swung into action.  Changed the title “An Inconvenience Rightly Considered is …), changed the cartoon to a picture of a power line being cut, deleted the old post in FB and shared the revised post.

Couldn’t hold the suspense for long and so I checked the stats after 20 mins and there I found one view. Nothing great but better than what the previous couldn’t attract in 12 + hours!!

Too early to pass a judgement yet but I have learnt the lesson! I am not a Seth Godin (yet) (who incidentally got away with a ‘one word’ post).

I realized that while the content may be great, it is useless unless someone reads it and that someone sees the title first!!

Besides teaching me a great lesson for life, it has also given me a material to write a post!! What more can I ask for?



  1. Alex Jones said,

    November 3, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Followers on WordPress tend to read blog posts they follow on their e-mail; they have no need to log onto WordPress to see your blog, thus you get no likes, comments or visit stats; but they did read the blog post. Of the 400 followers of my blog less than 10% will log into WordPress to read my posts, they are happy to read them via e-mail.

    • badrirag said,

      November 3, 2012 at 10:37 pm


      Thanks for reminding me of that. I had not reckoned with it at all.


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