12 Loves of mine @ Nasscom Product Conclave 2012

I was at Bangalore on 7th and 8th November as a delegate for the Nasscom Product Conclave, an yearly event that brings together some of the best minds in the business in India and abroad to share their insights with the budding software product entrepreneurs.

I have captured below some key things that I liked about the event.  In fact, liking is an understatement and hence the word ‘loves’ in the title.

1. The delegate fee of Rs.2250 (as an attendee of the previous NPC).  Superb value for money

2. Seamless & very fast registration & check-in

3. Simple but elegant delegate kit with a comprehensive program guide and a more-than-adequate notebook

4.  Hall arrangements with detailed program information outside each hall

5.  High quality speakers and equally adept moderators for each session

6. A good coverage of the various elements of the software product ecosystem from development, marketing to funding.

7. A very supportive volunteer network (check the photograph)

8. A good spread for lunches and dinner and great service by the staff of Vivanta by Taj.

9. A charged and energetic atmosphere

10. A lot of bonhomie and humour at the sessions that made serious discussions (especially post lunch) quite interesting

11.  Adherence to time at most sessions

12. Powerful sharing by successful entrepreneurs and insights from their failures as well.  Will write detailed posts on individual sessions, speaker shares, my takeaways etc soon. Stay tuned.

Were you there too?  What did you like?



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