9 slips @ Nasscom Product Conclave 2012

While I enjoyed several things about the Nasscom Product Conclave 2012, there were some areas which I felt could have been avoided or done better.

The intention of this post is not to point fingers or blame people but to highlight some structural issues that can be strengthened to make a difference in the future programs.

Here are those:

1.  A last-minute offer of Rs.1500 was given and that clearly rankled some of us who paid Rs.2250 well in advance.  I guess this offer was to avoid the Spot Registrations that caused so much confusion during NPC 2011 but this could have been avoided.  Perhaps, this could have been made available to the Delegates who had already registered to accommodate their colleagues or employees who weren’t sure earlier!!



The  session by Tarkan Maner who scored many sixes, be it economic trends, technology areas, micro factors, which incidentally was a repeat of his speech during NPC 2011.  While his energy levels and passion were really noteworthy, there were many of us who were last year too.




The absence of the much publicized Ram Shriram.  While there were a couple of videos, they were a poor substitute for his physical presence. Perhaps they could have organized a live video-conference with him where he could have also responded to questions from the delegates.  In fact, live interaction is the core of such conferences because there are so many TED Videos that provide excellent value.


While the moderation was excellent in most sessions, I felt that in a couple of sessions, it wasn’t sharp enough.  Given the moderator was given to verbosity, the speakers were also infected and tended to answer long winding questions with even longer responses. And that takes away the spirit of the session and more importantly the amount of time available for Q &A is reduced.  I am intentionally not giving the details of the sessions which were in this category and I am sure that the organizers will watch the videos of the different sessions to figure out the odd ones, if they have not done so already.

5.  The presence of 3 volunteers in the panel during the Content Marketing session could have been avoided.  I am not sure if some of the panelists couldn’t make it and hence volunteers were forced to be in the panel but it gave the perception that the panel wasn’t representative enough.  I even heard one delegate remark that some of the statements made by the panelists were really outlandish but then it passed the muster.

6.  Time management specifically in terms of allocation for Q &A wasn’t adequate.  Let’s remember that most of us expect the speakers to respond to live queries than prepared speeches and that is the charm of such events.  It will be great if the ratio of time for prepared speech and the Q&A is 1:2 and not the other way around

7.  While we can draw a lot of inspiration from the developed markets especially the US, our strategies need to be closer to the markets that we want to operate in.  In that perspective, I felt that the tone of the speeches were more tilted to the US story than the Indian relevance.  Even Deep Nishar who held the audience spell-bound with his vibrant presentation, did not talk about the LinkedIn story in the Indian context.

8.  I believe that usage of business terms was with gay abandon without much clarity.  For example, many speakers used health care, education in the same breath as SaaS, Mobile, Cloud as if they were all different.  While health care and education are verticals, the mode of delivery could be Cloud or Mobile, while the revenue model may be Subscription (as in SaaS) or Free (which is no revenue!!).  Either they did not know what they were talking about or felt that the audience was bright enough to discern the patterns!!

9.  Given that Sharad was talking of the Software Product ecosystem to pull India out of poverty soon, I was looking forward to some or at least one session which successfully dealt with poverty alleviation.  I was disappointed!!  I know that there was a limitation of time and the organizers did a great job within this limitation but it would have been great to have a different point of view based on this theme.  I did not attend all the sessions, obviously and am willing to stand corrected if there was one such session.



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